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My name is Juan Carrasco David Silva, born on August 20 in Tunja - Boyaca

Currently living in the Spine - Tolima, eleventh grade course of my studies,

My parents are Jose Emilio Carrasco Ramirez and Alix Maritza Silva Cañas


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My family is composed of a large woman, who is my mother Alix Maritza Silva

Cañas,My mom works in the INPEC, we only see at night, but we spend a good

time. My mother and I started a relationship full of principles and values to

have a beautiful mutual coexistence.


My pet is called Toby Francisco, he is a Cairn Terrier puppy, Is five months old.

The relationship with Toby is very good so that the covers when ordering,also a

time of four months is a lot to have a beautiful bond of love.


Toby Francisco that's my pet is a Cairn Terrier puppy, is five months old is born

in October. He had a month of training to tame in the city of Bogota, was named Toby

toby Francisco that seems tender and as disturbing Francisco.

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My group is comprised of Arturo Barragan, BRAYNER Ospina, Alvaro David Mergesh, Liliana

Alejandra Balvuena (My best friend) for me also. We know all about seven years, we have

shared many moments together, we saw grow.


In my free time, I do many things but one of the most important is to read, so these

days of free time and I been reading a book entitled "The Angel's Game" by Carlos Ruiz

Zafón written. my love of reading with a book born very common but very flashy called "Girls wire"


For my future I see myself as a great environmental engineer carrying uan gown gives me

scientific recognition for all my studies, I hope to be a successful person that I was born

to be improved.I hope to help many people with my foundation I'll have for many reasons, I hope

to see myself as a powerful person but several.


My university studies filed in LA SALLE University that interests me very much its curriculum

on the career that interests me, is also one of the best universities in the environmental.

This university has one of the best museums in the city of Bogota, with a library book apliamente to explore.

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